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1. Look out


Look where you're going. Check out the area you are in before you go, so you don't become part of a stickup in progress.Know what's around you at all times. Don't text, look at your phone when out in public unless you know you're in a secure area. Don't jog with earphones, or look one way. When jogging make sure you turn your head to look in opposite directions to see who may be lurking around.Maintain a a personal space. Don't let a stranger get closer than 5 feet to you without vetting or permission. Period. If they do, step away and ask what do they want, maintaining your distance at all times. Practice a relaxed, non-threatening listening stance you can explode from.

2. Stay calm

Many victims begin to cry or scream and that's a no-no. Never show that you're afraid, even if you are. Maintain your composure. Act like you're fierce and will give a fight to show your attacker that he may want to leave and be the one who's afraid. Showing courage will take you a long way.

3. Be aware

If you're walking home from work or school and have to cross a building or allie-way, make wide turns to have your view on all surroundings and walk fast. Never walk slowly in an unknown area. Get away as fast as you can, as if someone was there.In your free time at home, practice a react technique. Use a basic flinch response in the event you're surprised by a sound, movement or touch. Jump or move fast for good reaction times.If you are out at a club or party, male or female, watch your drink. Someone could slip a dangerous drug in your cocktail. Most cases start-out this way and never end good.

4. Don't trust anyone

No stranger gets in your house. Ever. For example, a woman comes to your door banging, you peep out of your window and she says, "please let me in, my car just went dead." Just speak through the door and say, "I'll call you a tow truck, but I don't let strangers in my house." If it's more urgent call 911, but don't trust anyone ever.If you get a flat tire in a bad neighborhood. Drive on your rims. New wheels are a small price to pay for avoiding a violent car jacking. If you can't drive on your rims, park in a well-lit area, roll your windows up, lock your doors, and call for help. Do not let anyone offer you help because that could be a trap.When people give you a bad feeling as you walk down the street, don't make eye contact and look assertive. Most of the time, making eye contact and smiling will get their attention to look your way.If someone mugs you, be cooperative. Give them your whole wallet or purse. Don't fish around in your wallet for bills. Never leave out of the house with large bills in your purse or wallet. Always be prepared as if you could be robbed.If all they want is money, give it to them. Never let them take you anywhere. Going with them could be your death. Use your fighting techniques if you have to, but get away and fast.

5. Fighting techniques


First off, try to stay calm and realize you could be in danger so you can focus. Then use moves you are comfortable with that will be effective. If you're a beginner, use simple moves to defeat your attacker. Practice makes perfect. Simple moves like these: Side Arm Chop, Groin Strike, Front Kick, Jab, Head-Butt are all effective.Remember that you're fighting for your life, and the adrenaline that comes through to you will be a powerful force that gets you through. You have the knowledge that losing might mean more than a few scratches or broken bones, it could mean death and never seeing your loved ones again. Always fight like it's to the death, because nine times out of ten, your attacker may have killing on his mind.When you realize the situation is real, an actual combat, the game changes. The parts of your brain that you use everyday for simple tasks shuts down and your fine motor movements are gone. All your left with is the most basic, primal part of your brain, the reptilian brain, and it's all about instinct and survival . Will you fight or run away as fast as you can. If you think you can run and get away, by all means, go for it, but if there's no where to run, fight. You should never give up, fight to the end.

6. Stay close

Whenever you are trying to defend yourself, stay very close to your attacker. If you are too close to him, he will find it hard to hit you. In fact, you should cling tightly to him if possible, and you would render him harmless.

7. Hit first

Nothing can deter your attacker faster than you hitting first. It also will boost your confidence and make you appear ready. So, act fast and attack first. If you are able to land the first blow on your attacker, then the door of escape opens widely for you.

8. Hit where it hurts


In order to weaken your attacker with one or two punches or kicks, target those punches at parts of his body where he will really feel the pain. Kick your attacker in the groin, the throat, and step on his toes if posible. Do it fast and hard and he will think twice about pursuing more from you.

9. Protect yourself

Guard your weak spots. Chances are that he wants to hit you at the weak points listed above. Keep your hands close to those weak areas to block any coming punches. Never let your guard down and keep kicking and punching like you're the maniac.

10. Push him to the ground

Try to push him to the ground if you can. This will give you a chance to escape. However, if the door to escape opens, even when you have not yet pushed him to the ground, run away from that scene immediately.

11. Donā€™t take dangerous chances

If your assailant has a gun or some other dangerous weapon, submit to his orders, as struggling with him could cost you your life. Never make a move unless you know you can disarm him.

12. Items you can use


If you can, take one or more of these items with you when you leave your home: cell phone, stun gun, walking cane, cane, collapsible baton, bat, brick, rock, real gun, pepper spray, knife, stick, or fight with your fists.Remember saving your own life is priority one!