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Finding you need to get a little more creative with the kids over summer break this year?Simply by Taping the ends of pool noodles together into different shapes you surely can come up with an infinite amount of possibilities on what can be constructed in your very own course. For this Dad's particular backyard obstacle course, there are noodle-made arches, maze-like vertical noodles, noodle hurdles, a noodle ring toss, jump-through ring ladder, and ball toss. There is enough going on to keep the little ones ā€” and honestly, even a lot of the adults ā€” occupied for hours on end.There is no limit on what you could build with these materials, and you could even turn on the sprinklers in the yard on particularly hot days. Seems like a fun way to cool down after a hot summer day!Would you want something like this in your own backyard? We definitely would!SHARE the Fun, pass it on.