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This is my personal view of using those platforms to sell on. I like to be able to go online and get rid of stuff I no longer want or need in my garage. If I can get some of my money back for an item, I feel good about it. I love making some money back and being able not to be a hoarder from having too much stuff.For instance, I bought this gorgeous lamp that I have no where to put and really don't know why I bought it, other than it's looks. I had to choose which place would suit me better to sell and sell fast without spending a lot to do so.After having experience selling other things this is what came to mind: Craigslist is the lowest cost so I can list it there, but it's up to someone looking at the ad and wanting to buy it locally. My town is not that large and it may not sell very fast there. My next guess was Amazon or eBay, so I thought which is the better place for me? I thought about my past experiences and I realized that eBay would be better than Amazon.I tried to sell something on Amazon before and I was so excited thinking it would be gone soon. I kept going to my page checking up on it about every three days and it did nothing. So I thought, let me do a search on Amazon and see where it is listed. I could not find it anywhere. So I found out later that if you don't spend any money on sponsored search or upgrade your account you will just have a listing and that's all. No one will see it, unless YOU make it happen. I was very disappointed.My reasons for choosing eBay is because Amazon is a great place for big businesses, not someone with an individual item. If you sell on Amazon when someone is searching for your item it will be way down the line and all of the items from people who pay the $40 monthly fee to sell for an upgraded account and furthermore the people who pay for sponsored ads will always be ahead of yours. If you don't have big advertising bucks, Amazon could be very overwhelming.eBay on the other hand, is great for people like me who don't have 20 or more items to sell or big advertising costs to spend. You list your products on eBay and you are automatically in with all the others. The lower your price is or the better quality will help you sell over others. I've sold a lot of my hoarding items on eBay and I've been very satisfied. They get a percentage of your sales as well as PayPal, but not too bad if you didn't have to spend anything up-front.So to narrow it down I would choose eBay because it will get seen to millions or more and if I lived in a big town I would try Craigslist and if I had a big business and money to spend, I would go with Amazon. You have to think about your needs and what is feasible for you. I'm not affiliated with any of them, I'm just giving my personal experiences. Good luck on your sell!