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Sometimes you just need a break. Toddlers are exhausting. Here are some great ways to keep your toddler busy! These are so easy that you will wonder why you never did them before!

Pipe Cleaners

pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners are just amazing too little kids. They are fuzzy, sparkly, and they bend with ease. Give them a strainer and let them explore!

Set Up a Water Table Exploration Area

water tables

This can be done really easily with buckets, plastic tubs and household items. Add a little liquid water color in a different color to each tub of water to add interest.

Water Painting

water painting

You can use a little water color to add interest. Glitter will work too. Then just give them lots of different kinds of brushes.

Frozen Fun


Simply Freeze small toys and objects in ice and give the kids brushes and pippettes an let them defrost the items. Hours of fun on a hot day!

Car Tracks

race track

All you do is by an extra wide pool noodle and cut it in half. Then use cars or balls and roll them down. Tons of fun!

Pool Noodle Pit

pool noodle pit

Get a kids play pool and and then cut up a bunch of pool noodles. Easy Peasy fun!