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1. Nice window view


One bedroom that is a good wish to have is Oprah Winfrey's home bedroom. One of her bedrooms that has a large window view to see outside and is in a secluded area in the home with nice artifacts and pictures on the wall. The room is very cozy and quiet and a great place to relax or sleep.

2.Obama'sWhite House bedroom


This bedroom is where Queen Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom and others have stayed during their visits to the White House; It has a 19th-century's look and is very nice.

3. Another one ofObama'sWhite House bedrooms


One ofObama'sWhite House bedrooms is very elegant with a nice view.

4.Elton John's bedroom


Elton John's bedroom looks manly and artistic. Very stylish and modern.

5. Mariah Carey's bedroom


Mariah Carey's bedroom is girlish, cozy and elegant.

6. Brook Shields bedroom


Brook shield's bedroom is modern, luxurious and very stylish.

7.Martha Stewart's bedroom


Martha Stewart's bedroom has a nice view and balcony. Very clean and open looking. This room looks very relaxing.

8. The zebra look


Not sure whose bedroom this is, but the look is great. The colors go well together and gives the room life.

9.Sen. John McCainā€™s bedroom


Sen. John McCainā€™sFormer Arizona bedroom. The large open space brings this room's look out even more. The bed's color and wood floor coincide with each other to bring an elegant.

10. Traditional bedroom with fireplace


A traditional bedroom with fireplace is very nice and cozy.

11.Bedroom with an ocean view


Bedroom with an ocean view. This is my favorite out of them all. I would love to wake up to this view daily, but a girl can only wish.

12.Princess Kate Middleton bedroom


Princess Kate Middleton bedroom has a niceand clean look. This is a great room for their baby to sleep in.

13.Ralph Lauren's bedroom


One ofRalph Lauren's bedrooms. The purple color gives the room life and it has a modern look that is very appealing.

14. Kate Hudson's old bedroom


This isKate Hudson's childhood bedroom that Goldie Hawn bought. It has a nice wood floor and large window to let the sunshine in. Very nice.

15. Michael Jackson's bedroom


Michael Jackson old bedroom. Nice gold and brown tones gives an elegant look to this bedroom. It has an inviting look and gorgeous decor.

16. Another one of Michael Jackson's bedrooms


Another one of Michael Jackson's bedrooms. It has large open space and a nice view. The king of pop did have nice style. Rest in peace.

17. Elizabeth Taylor's bedroom


Elizabeth Taylor's old bedroom.The blue brings a coolness and calm to the room; It also has a nice view.

18. Donald Trump's bedroom


Donald Trump's bedroom. It looks like him, clean, sturdy and like money. Nice view, shiny floor, brown tones thataccentuates and gives a luxurious look to it.

19. Jennifer Lawrence bedroom


Jennifer Lawrence bedroom. Very elegant and cozy.

20. Jessica Simpson's bedroom


Jessica Simpson's bedroom. Very stylish and contemporary.

21. Modern bedroom


This bedroom has a nice view, fireplace and cool colors.

22. Great view bedroom


See it all in this bedroom without leaving your house. You don't have to sit outside, bring it to you. It is very sheek and stylish.

23. Luxury bedroom


This bedroom is very relaxing and beautiful to look at.

24. Elegant bedroom


This is a great bedroom for me because I love watching TV in the bedroom. They say it's not good to watch TV there, but to each it's own. One of my favorites, very stylish.

25. Sheek bedroom


Modern and sheek. Nice wood floors and cozy bed.