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1. Spa Party


Aspa slumber party is easy to throw, without any real expense. Just give the girls access to your bathroom, and let them give each other facials, manicures, pedicures and hair makeovers. You can even make your own facial with ingredients from your kitchen. Be sure to take before and after pictures, and don't forget the relaxing music that should be playing in the background. Offer the girls ice cold water and chocolate squares, as a special treat while undergoing their makeover.

2. Do Good Party


Taking part in the part in every fun is the per-requisite to be called a teenā€™ right, and even teens understand the benefit of volunteerism and of helping others. Turn your child's next slumber party into an opportunity to help someone else. Think of a local charity that could use your help, and come up with an idea that the children can execute while at the sleepover. For example, they can bake dog biscuits for the local animal shelter, or every child can come to the sleepover with a pair of new pajamas that they can donate to a local children's shelter or women's shelter. Other ideas: bake brownies for the local fire department; or have the children bring gently used books that they have outgrown, and then donate them to the public library or the school library.

3. Movie Star Party


Movie star party is the fun and excitement for every teen. If your teens or their friends are absolutely love any star or hero or any celebrity, or some other pop culture icon. Turn the sleepover into a celebrity-a-thin by renting several movies that feature the star of the evening, and then pop some popcorn and let the kids kick back and watch their star in action.

4. In the Tropics Party


Yes, this is something different. This theme will make you teens party more enjoyable, soBreak out the hula skirts, island music and blow-up kiddie pools, and let the kids enjoy the tropics for the evening.Cut up fruit, and pizza bites or other munchies. A limbo contest is a must, and don't forget to spread beach towels out on the floor so the kids can get comfortable before watching a movie.

5. Throw a Cupcake Party


Teens are crazy about party because they are entering in to the world of fun and excitement. And they love sweets because cupcakes are pretty popular with the preteen crowd. Have your guests bake a batch of cupcakes, and be sure to offer plenty of fun decorating items such as sprinkles, jimmies, and icing in various colors. Let the children eat one or two over the course of the evening and box the rest to bring home the next day to share with mom and dad. You can even judge the cupcakes and hand out awards for the most original, most creative, most interesting and most unusual cupcakes.

6. Chocolate Spa Sleepover


Try this amazing theme for your slumber party that spots Chocolate everywhere.Send out brown and pink polka dot or striped invitations and sent them with chocolate perfume, light chocolate scented candles, paint each others fingernails and toes pink with brown polka dots, serve hot chocolate that provide chocolate scented facials and masks and chocolate lip gloss.

7. Dance Party


If you are not fond of dance than your teens need not to worry. Try this dance party for your teens, try some play freeze dance.Have someone turn down the volume and everyone must freeze and not laugh until the music starts again.Whoever laughs has to turn down the volume next.

8. Test your taste buds


Yes, this is real challenge party, in this test your taste budsā€™, have one person make something from ingredients in the kitchen and then other person has to put on a blindfold and eat the food. The person with the blindfold on then makes a guess at what the food is or what ingredients are in it.

9. Nail Spin a Color Game


This theme is solely dedicated to girls, what they need to choose bright and bold nail polish colors for this game. Start by removing everyone's nail polish so everyone's has polish free fingernails. Put all the bottles of polish in a pretty basket or container and set them in the center of the circle of girls. The first sleepover girl starts by choosing a color of fingernail polish. She lays it on its side and spins it around. When the polish stops spinning the girl who the cap is pointing towards has to paint one of her nails that color. (For a variation you can also have the girl who the cap lands on roll one dice to see how many nails she has to paint that color.) When she is done painting her nail. She chooses a color out of the polish basket and spins it. Paint your toes too to make the game last longer.

10. Foil Project Runway Game


Enjoy this very amazing runway game in your party. Make your most fabulous outfit out of aluminum foil and have a Project Runway contest. Players each receive a roll of aluminum foil for their creations. Set out a table full of other items they can use to style their fashions such as ribbons, plastic flowers, etc.Girls have to create a complete fashion look (for fun you can set a theme such as beach wear, evening dress, wedding dress, sportswear, etc.) Anything can be crafted from the foil - dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, pants, evening wear, sunglasses, tiaras, belts, high heels, jewelry ... the options are limitless! Have a fashion show and judge the fashion creations - be sure to take pictures!

11. Blind Make Over Game


The blind make-over game is very fun. The first person puts on a blindfold and does the makeup of the second person.Then when they are done the second person puts on the blindfold and does the makeup of the third person.Draw numbers to determine the order. Take pictures so you can keep the memories.

12. Song Maker Game


Yes, this is mind game, one need to be artistic, but we don't need a perfect artist in this game. Pick one person at the sleepover to go first for the game. Everyone in the group decides on a title of a song and then the person chosen first must make up a song to go with that title. Example: Little bunnies on my pillow.

13. Commercial Game


Paint or draw a numbers or select a person to decide who goes first.The first person stands up and the number 2 person chooses an object from the room.The first person then must make up a commercial about the object and speak for 30 seconds about it.Then #3 picks an object for #2's commercial and so on.

14. Drama In The Bag Game


You will need to fill shopping bags with 6 different items in each bag. A shoe, hat, party favor etc.- Each bag should be filled with different items. Divide into teams and give each team one bag.Go to separate rooms to make up a skit which includes all items in the bag.After 15 minutes come back and perform.Variation:Create a TV commercial or song.

15. Prize Auction Game


You need to ask everyone to bring an inexpensive thing or something in good shape they don't want anymore wrapped or sealed in a bag to the sleepover. Everyone will get $100.00 in play money and start an auction for the unwrapped gifts. Hold up the first sealed bag and ask who will give $1 for it and continue on.For fun you can add food and gag gifts to the auction items.Keep the items sealed and don't let anyone know what is inside until the high bidder opens the item.At the end you can trade bags or buy each other's presents with their left over auction money.With any other left over auction money you can bid on who gets to pick where they want to sleep, what game you play next, first dibs on the biggest piece of cake or who chooses the music to listen to.

16. M & M Challenge Game


You will need m&m's, skittles or any small candy that comes in different colors.Place candy in a bowl.Sit in a circle and ask the guests to choose 2 candies - without looking.Show them to everyone and then put them in your mouth ... if they are the same color then you can chew them, if not you have to hold them in your mouth until your next turn when you can try and choose 2 more of the same color.You can't chew until you get 2 of the same color.

17. Oversize Board Game


You are the piece that moves around the board.On a large patio, driveway or other cement area draw a verybig board with sidewalk chalk. Each square should be about 18".Inside each square, beginning with the start square, write different things to do if someone lands in that square. Some fun ideas are: Move ahead 4 spaces, Jump back 3 spaces, Bark like a dog, narrate the game, twirl like a ballerina, etc. Use regular dice or make your own from large boxes. A player rolls the dice, then moves themselves (the girls are the playing pieces) along the game board - when you land on a space then read what it says and follow the instruction. This sleepover game is also fun to play with flashlights at night.

18. Candy Hunt Sleepover Game


Ask everyone to bring a flashlight (or provide them) to the slumber party.Before everyone arrives at the party ask a parent or sibling to hide candy all over the yard.When it gets dark have everyone take their flashlights outside and hunt for the candy.

19. Pillow Fight Icebreaker


Sometimes teens get bored after passing some time in friends party or they are very reluctant to participate in any activity so this For an icebreaker usually interesting, just have everyone start in my room and start a pillow fight whoever you hit they must tell you something about them.

20. Barbie Doll Party


Girls and teens love Barbie dolls. They love to dresslike Barbie, so try this amazing theme. Manicures, pedicures, and pink decorations make this a dream party for your little princess. Once everyone's nails are painted, spend some time playing with the Barbie doll "guests" while snacking on heart-shaped sandwiches of your choice. Party favors can include Barbie accessories and little bottles of nail polish.

21. Chefs Party


Try having a cooking themed party. Choose simple, easy-to-make recipes, and then spend some time enjoying your edible creations. For a fun craft activity, give each guest their own apron to decorate, and supply chef hats for the kids to wear while they are cooking. They'll love bringing these party favors home to wear in their own kitchen.

22. Talent Show Theme


As a Parent of your beloved teens, you always has been in the search of such an activity that can engage your kid. This is something more interesting theme for the teens.Everyone performs their best (or worst) talent. Have judges and award small prizes

23. Truth or Dare Game


This is the most famous theme ever, truth or dare.Truth or dare game - Sit in a circle and ask each other truth questions.If the person you ask doesn't want to answer the question then they must do the dare.