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1. Ride a bike

21-Kid- friendly-bike

Riding a bike is always fun for kids and is a good way to get your daily exercise. Ride at a park, in your neighborhood or wherever your heart desires.

2.Go swimming

21-Kid- friendly-Swimming

Swimming when the heat is up outside. Kids are always looking for fun and swimming is top on their list.

3.Play volleyball

21-Kid- friendly-kids-playing-volleyball

Play volleyball. And take the opportunity to teach your kids about winning ā€” and losing ā€” with grace.

4. Take a hike

21-Kid- friendly-hiking

Hiking is a greatoutdoor activity, full of adventure and fun, and you've got the whole summer to explore it. Make a point to get outside and do some walking at least once a week. Whether you're walking around your block or exploring the woods, you're out there moving and spending time together. Win-win.

5. Set up a scavenger hunt

21-Kid- friendly-scavenger_hunt_2

This is very interesting activates thatā€™s create synergy between kids and others family members Split your family into two teams to see who can track down the most items from around the neighborhood. Include a few on-the-spot activities.

6. Create anobstacle course

21-Kid- friendly-obstacle-course

Challenges are always a great way for your kids to learn. It makes your kid think strategicallyand become active. You can make beginner and advanced versions, or give younger kids a head start. Add in fun twists, and encourage everyone to run the course several times and try to improve their time.

7.Go to the beach

21-Kid- friendly-kid_at_beach_

Go to the beach. If you're near a lake or beach, take advantage of that great location and spend a day on the sand.

8. Go shopping

21-Kid- friendly-shopping

Go shopping to the flea market. Flea markets are everywhere and most are outside. Take the kids and enjoy your day.

9. Go camping

21-Kid- friendly-family-camping

Camping is most widely used actives in the world, people love to live with beauty of nature. You break out your routine life, go with your kids, arrange a tent, make check list for camping. Please note arrange all necessary tools for camping with yourself to avoid mishap in your camping.

10. Plant a garden

Daybreak 2007

Learningwith dirt and plants is veryinteresting forchildren. Go Gardening and plant flowers and trees.

11. Ride a roller coaster

21-Kid- friendly-roller-Coaster4

This is something special, this experience will always be memorable for your kids. So itā€™s the ultimate thrill, and should be a part of every family's summer break. Visit a theme park and decide as a group what coasters you'll tackle together. Have kids of varying ages? Pick one parent to brave the big rides with the older kids, but make sure you find at least a few attractions you can do as a group.

12. Visit a zoo

21-Kid- friendly- family at the zoo

Animals really attracts interest of the children, plan a visit to a zoo because Lions and tigers and bears... and every other animal you can imagine. Spend a day at the zoo and watch your kids' eyes light up when they spy their favorite creatures. Take a trip to your local zoo, or pick one from our list of the top zoos for kids.

13. Watch fireworks

21-Kid- friendly-family-fireworks

Watch fireworks on the 4th of July or anytime you feel. You have no excuse for not catching at least one fireworks show. Throw down a blanket and watch it together.

14. Visit a sporting event

21-Kid- friendly-sports2

Watching sports is always a fun and excitement, the kids always more interested in sports than their parents, whether it's a professional sports team, or your local little league, find a night to attend a game and make sure to get the full experience. Order hot dogs and learn a few chants while you're there.

15. Pet a farm animal

21-Kid- friendly-animals-at-the-farm-

Visit a local farm and see their livestock. Your kids will love getting their hands on the horses and goats, and so will you. Make it a learning opportunity by encouraging the kiddos to ask lots of questions.

16. Go fishing

21-Kid- friendly-fishing

Wake up with the birds, pack your fishing poles and take the family fishing. Whether you're hitting a lake, river or well-stocked pond, you'll have a great day together ā€” no matter how many fish you catch.

17.Catch fireflies

21-Kid- friendly-fireflies

Catch butterflies or fireflies. It is the exact form of natural beauty. Put this beauty in the small hands of kids and they will love it. Those bright little fireflies sure are pretty or if you want to get butterflies, they are as well. Arm the whole family with a few jars and lids and send them out at dusk for a classic firefly hunting session. It's one of those things every child should have memories of doing.

18.Goroller skating

21-Kid- friendly-roller-skating

Roller skating is very fun and a great way to get some exercise and stay healthy.

19. Go berry picking

21-Kid- friendly-berry-picking

Kids are very interesting creature of this universe, they are interested in all things and berry picking is one of them.Visit a commercial farm and standing in a massive field of fresh berries will be enjoying. See who can fill their bucket the highest, then go home and create something delicious together. We suggest a big batch of strawberry jam.

20.Eat ice cream

21-Kid- friendly-eating-Ice-Cream

Chasedown an ice cream truck or get some out of the fridge. The next time you hear the telltale tune of the ice cream truck, grab your wallet and the rest of the family and head in search of that freezer on wheels. Enjoy your treats togetherby sitting on the porch and enjoy your ice cream.

21. Have a picnic

Lovely family picnicking in the park

This is our last on our list, to have a picnic. It doesn't matter if you're in your local park or in your own back yard. Pack a delicious picnic lunch and enjoy a meal together while you're surrounded by nature.