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Healthy Snacks

Kids are very active and we all know they grow fast. This means they need a lot of healthy foods for refueling. The types of food that a child consumes contributes greatly to their development, energy levels and well being. A parent does not have to wait until a child asks for something to eat to be able to provide a great snack.

1. Snack Mix


Snack mixed in lidded cups can create an assortment of snack possibilities. The combination is quite tasty and very delicious! The snack mix provides a great variety of tastes making it yummy and enjoyable for the kids. There is no cooking required too! You just mix the different ingredients together in a bowl and then packed accordingly.

2. Whole wheat gold fish


These sweet crackers are very healthy and wholesome in nutrients. The recipe comprises homemade wheat thins, herb crackers, corn chips, pea nut butter crackers.

3. Gouda in a blanket


These perfect little bites are very appetizing and suitable for kids to take to a camp. The snacks are made with crescent rolls which you can buy at the store. Just takegoudacheese (or the cheese of your choice),beef and wrap every thing in a crescent roll. Bake them and then cool them. You can just put them into a bag and then place them in the child's lunch sack for a snack later.

4. Fruit salad


Fruit is very healthy and a good snack for kids to eat. A fruit salad is full of healthy nutrients providing kids with a healthy alternative from other sugary snacks.

5. Fruit sundae cones


Instead of giving the kids high fat ice cream cones, these refreshing, high nutrient fruit cones are a great choice. The recipe is easy and is just cut up fruit placed in large waffle cone bowls. The fruit flavors can be changed depending on a kidā€™s favorite.

6. Peanut chocolate spread with banana


What child wouldn't love knowing there is a chocolate filled snack waiting for them! Just send a small container of Nutella or Reese's spreads and some graham crackers with them to camp.

7. Light popcorn


Store bought popcorn canhave a high content of hydrogenated oil and butter which might not be that healthy for kids. This is why it's great to pop your own and send it in a bag for the kids to snack on. You can even add butter, grated parmesan cheese, chocolate or sprinkle with a little sugar for a great treat after hours of play and fun!

8. Zucchini Blondie


These moist and tender zucchini blondie brownies are so delicious! The ingredients include: coconut oil, vanilla extract, applesauce, egg, wheat flour, cinnamon, ground nutmeg and others. Is a great take on a classic favorite. Plus it's a lot more healthy!

9. Sā€™mores on a stick


Sā€™mores on a stick look delicious even before you give it a taste! The ingredients include graham crackers, marshmallows, lollipop sticks, dipping chocolate. Just place them in a baggie so they stay fresh!

10. Homemade cheez-its


Quite delicious and easy to make, these homemade Cheez-its are made of shredded cheddar cheese, all purpose flour, unsalted butter, softened table salt, and ice water.These are a great snack that kids can enjoy at camp or at home!

11. Crackers


Crackers are always a great snack for kids. You can include some great protein packed additions too like cheese, peanut butter, chocolate spreads and even cottage cheese to enjoy with the crackers.

12. Peanut butter smoothie


This delicious drink is not only sweet but very tasty! The recipe consists of skim milk or plain soy milk, natural peanut butter and medium banana. It's perfect for a hot day!

13. Grandmaā€™s Gelatin Fruit Salad


Fruit salad of any kind is always a great choice. Serve with a little low fat whipped cream or even some vanilla yogurt and you've got a healthy treat that everyone will love! You can even mix in a package of Jello and make a Jello Fruit Salad!