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The living room is one of the most multi functional rooms in the house. Most of the common activities carried in the living room include, watching TV, doing home work, entertaining and just chatting. Organizing your living room in a way that makes it attractive and relaxing can be quite satisfying. It doesnā€™t have to be expensive to have a living room that gives you the comfort and excitement you need. Even with a budget, you can organize a living room in a way that communicates your personality and taste verywell.

1. Sketch your plan on paper


Plan your arrangement on paper first and work out a budget accordingly. This will help you stay focused with what you are suppose to do in each area of your living room. Plan for what to buy and what you can design on your own using the materials you have. This will help in cutting costs.

2. Rearrange the living room


Think of new ways of rearranging furniture in a way that iscomfortable for moving around. Choose a large object as your focal point; It may be a large bookcase or your TV area. Let all the seats be well accessible to the focal point which is the TV area. You can use a different space for dining seats to avoid congestion in the living room.

3. De-clutter the room


Remove all the unnecessary items from the rooms. Items that are not of use should be removed and placed in a suitable place in other rooms to keep them.

4. Enhance the colors


Painting the living room is one of the ways of harnessing the look of the room and enhancing its beauty. Choose a color that can communicate your theme and style effectively foryou. Choose colors that you feel peaceful and joy in. Choose a color scheme that is different from what you had earlier and try matching to bring a good blend.

5. Add plants and flowers


Adding plants and flowers into the living room has a way of making it look more classy and refreshing. Get a few potted plants and put them at the corners of the living room. You can hang a lamp on top of the plants. This will enhance the look and make the house look more bright and classy. Put some flowers in avase and place strategically on the sides of TV stand or any suitable place.

6. Cover the floors


Changing the floor tiles and carpeting can be quite expensive. Buying multi colored rugsand placing strategically in the room will give your living floor a great new look. Depending on your budget you canchose the flow covers that suits you well.

7. Use art work


If you paint, create your own art work and use to decorate the room. This is one of the cheapest ways to make your room more appealing. You donā€™t have to be artistic to come up with art you can start with making a collection of pictures, leaves, dry flowers that will look appealing when framed.

8. Upholstery


You can change the entire outlook of the living room by adding a few cushion covers that will be much cheaper than buying new furniture. You can change cushion covers or add a shawl to enhance the look.

9. Make it original


Display personalized reflections of your tastes whether through wall photos, ancestral portraits, genealogical charts and any other personalized.

10. Group similar objects together


Let items with the same themes appear in one place like on a shelf. Items with the same typographical elements and same use can be put in one common place.

11. Use storage


In case of a small living room space you can use build in storage to minimize congestion and clutter. Using furniture with build in storage will help in storing other items that are not for everyday use in the living room.

12. Use Lighter and Neutral shades


Purchase plain and inexpensive lamp shades with colors that complement the upholstery. Use wall papers, lighter and neutral shades to enhance the room lighting. This is able to enhance the brightness of the living room making it more appealing.