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Newly Added Free Samples

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1. Long


If you have long hair that is similar to this style, all you need to do is wash dry and flat iron straight.

2. Short & sleek


This short style is easy to maintain. Wash, dry and bump it a few times with the curling iron and go.

3. Long with body


This style is easy to have. You can cut your on ends as needed, wash, dry and flat iron straight. If wanted you can use a curling iron to add bounce and body.

4. Short curly


A very easy style to have. Just wash, dry and bump a few curls in it with your curling iron and go.

5. Long and curly


This style is easy. Wash, dry, and add curls with your curling iron and go.

6. Up do


An up do is easy to have. Just wash, dry and pin your hair up in a ball. This is for long hair.

7. China bob


This style is very easy. Just wash, dry and flat iron.

8. Shorty


This style is the easiest out of them all. It will only take about 30 minutes total to wash, dry and style. You can leave straight or add some curls if wanted.

9. Braid up-do


This style is easy to maintain. It just has one braid going across the top and hair pinned up in the back. You can keep it like this for a few days then wash, dry and add it again.

10. Long and up


This style is simple. You just have the bangs in the front and some hair in the back/top pinned. Very easy to do after you wash your hair.

11. Red China bob


This style is easy. Color your hair if needed. Add the bangs and cut to this style. Very manageable.