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Just like it is in the home, having a stuffy or junky car can be uncomfortable and inconveniencing. A clean and well taken care of car allows for flow of fresh air and comfort making it conducive for those inside. Given the amount of time we spend in ourcars, getting itorganized will give you the comfort and joy even as you use your car. Below are a few ways on how you can organize your car:

1.De clutter your car


One of the very first things to do as you de clutter your car is to remove the stuff that do not belong in the car. The wastes and empty packets that are normally left in the car by children and any other unnecessary stuff should all be removed and disposed accordingly. You should also keep in the car only those items that you need in the car all other items that are not in usecan be kept at home.

2. Organize the interior


Given the ease with which it is to reach the car's interior, it tends to act like storagefor most of the things people bringin the car. This is likely to havethe car filled with stuff that might not be necessary. Organizing the interior by removing what is not necessary and arranging the important things properly is very vital for a clean and organized car.

3. Add a trash container


Without a proper place to put the trash it becomes very easy to throw trash anywhere in the car which is likely to make the car dirty even after being cleaned. Having a trash can in the car makes it easy to consolidate all the trash in one place and dispose ofat the right time.

4. Keep car organizers and storage solutions


Keep storage items in the car, a place where you can store CDā€™S and DVDā€™S, Video games. Having storage items in the car helps in containing unnecessary loss or slipping of items under the seats or seat sides which can be very difficult to get once lost.

5. Make it easy for kids to access their things


Kids can at times become very restless when their toys or games are kept far from them. They might not be that patient to be able to wait until they are given the items without messing with the other items in storage. Having kidā€™s items kept near them makes it easy for both the parents and even the kids to access them easily without causing problems.

6. Organize the trunk


The car's trunk provides a big space that can store so many things making it very prone to dirt and unnecessary stuff. The car trunk should be cleared and organized well. Storage items can be put in place to cater for the storage needs. It is important to use storage items that can be zipped to avoid items spilling in case of any problem.

7. Thorough Cleaning


Carrying out a thorough cleaning is also very important as you organize your car. Clearing unnecessary stuff and storing items accordingly is not enough to give you a well organized car. Having every part of the car cleaned with the seats vacuum cleaned is very important if you are to have a well organized car. Cleaning the car gives it a freshness making itcomfortable to stay in.

8. Use air fresheners


We spend a lot of timein the car and having a clean fresh smellin the car can be so refreshing. Using air fresheners dispels the congestion and bad odor that at times can make sitting in the car uncomfortable.

9. Give rules


Giving rules is also a very important way of organizing your car. Instructing kids to stay in their seat and to throw away any trash they may have. Again instructing them to make sure they dispose whatever remains from the foodstuff they buy is equally important as well. This will make them be very careful when carrying things to the carry.

10. Keep every part clean and orderly


Once you have organized your car make sure it is kept clean and orderly. Have a designated spot for each item and make sure every item is in its place. Everything that does not belong to the car should not be left to stay in the car. Form a habit of cleaning the car regularly to be able to maintain it clean and well organized.