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1. Feed him


You should make sure your dog has enough food daily. Give him a special bowl that belongs to him and feed him food that he likes and is also good for him with the nutrients he needs to thrive.

2. Make sure he has water


Make sure your dog has water throughout the day. Give him a big enough bowl to drink from. Especially on hot days, he will need more water than usual.

3. Take him for a walk


Your dog should get taken for a walk sometimes. This helps him stay fit and trim.

4. Let him get fresh air


Let your dog get fresh air outside sometimes. If you have a house dog and you want your dog inside all the time, it's not good for them. They should be permitted to go outside to use the bathroom and just get fresh air and I'm sure they will want to go back in soon.

5. Help him to exercise


Help your dog to exercise by playing with him outside in your yard, at the park, beach or where ever you want to go with him. Let him run, play fetch and stay fit and trim. There are many dogs that are over-weight because they eat and sleep and sit. Get them moving for their health.

6. Give him a bath


You can give him a bath once a month or as needed.

7. Give him flea/ tick/heartworm protection


Give him flea/ tick/heartworm protection once a month. There are a lot of medicines out there for you dog, so speak to your vet about choosing the right one for you.

8. Get vet check-ups

Veterinarian Examining Dog

You should take your dog to the vet when he's sick or annually for a check-up.

9. Get him vaccinated/and or booster shots


Your puppy should start getting vaccinated between 6-8 weeks of age.

10. Get him a good choke collar for walking


Every dog should have a good dog collar.There are many dog collars to choose from. You should choose a good dog collar based on your dog's size, the appearance, and your training needs.