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10 Things to cook over a campfire

Apart from the adventure and excitement that comes with camping, the spectacular viewand having meals around a camp fire is the highlight of the whole thing, adding more joy and fun into the entire experience. Cooking over a campfire comes with a lot of challenges, the wind that interferes with the fire, the smoke and getting dry wood that can burn properly. Having knowledge of what you can cook over a camp fire makes the experience easier and exciting.Below are tips on foods that can be cooked over camp fire:

1. Campfire turkey


Cooking the turkey using a steel rotisserie rod makes the turkey cook effectively both in the inside and outside. The rod needs to be turned to expose the parts that have not cooking to cook well. This gives a well cooked golden look that is very delicious and appetizing.

2. Slow roasted vegetables


Roasting vegetables brings out such a delicious distinct taste that is quite different and far from the home cooked vegetables. To begin the process, cut the vegetables into uniform pieces then toss with olive oil add a piece of ginger finely chopped and other seasonings then wrap in aluminum foil.

3. Camp fire smoked meat


Prepare fire early in advance that itā€™s able to produce hot coals and some smoke. Season the meat with salt and pepper and fasten to strings of wire or rope then tie on tree branch to hang the big chunks of meet just about 5 inches above the hot coals. The meat will be able to peel easily when ready.

4. Cow horn Biscuits


This biscuits are very crispy and sweet. All you need to cook them is a seasoned hard wood stick of about 1 Ā½ to 2 Ā½ diameter that is whittled on the end. Wrap single fresh dough of biscuit around the whittled part and fashioning the end until closed then spiraling to create a cow horn.

6. Campfire potatoes


These camp fire potatoes are very handy and easy to make. Ones cooked it gives such an irresistible aroma of garlic and herbs. To prepare after boiling the potatoes rub virgin oil on the potatoes and season with all the ingredients then put in a crimp foil to cook.

6. Lemon herb trout over the camp fire


Open up the fish and clean it then spread garlic along both sides and sprinkle it with salt, pepper and herbs. Close the fish and thread a green stick through each one. Lay it over the rocks suspending the fish about 6 inches over the coals. Cook until the flash is flaky

7. Meat roasted on the grill


Preheat the grill for lightly high heat and lightly oil the grill rods. Coat the meat with salt, this helps in bringing out the fat. Fix the meat through the thin rods and place on the grill. Allow to grill for about 5 to 7 minutes turning on all sides until well cooked.

8. Camp rice with eggs


Prepare fire early using very dry wood to avoid emission of smoke and with plenty of already produced hot coal. Cook the rice eggs using moderate heat. This tastes quite delicious as long as smoke is not emitted.

9. Camp Quesadillas


Mushroom and Quesadillas can be taken as breakfast or dinner at the camp. If taking for breakfast, thin layers of scrambled eggs and sliced sausages. Trying different cheese is fine because itā€™s what makes the quesadillas yummy and delicious.

10. Cow boy Stew


Cow boy stew is a real favorite and quite an easy recipe to make at campsite. The stew comprises of beans, potatoes, corn, tomatoes and a few seasonings. Prepare the fire early using dry wood and begin cooking when the coals are already formed to avoid the smoke from affecting the taste.