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If you are looking to refresh your bedroom you dod not have to spend a lot of money to get a whole new look. It's simple to make just a couple of changes and you can add a punch of color, new textures or even make the space feel bigger!

1. Buy new sheets


Buy inexpensive newsheets from stores like TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Wal-Mart or stores that have sales or coupons for you to use. You will feel good about saving money and love your new sheets to spruce up your bedroom. You can add a big punch of color or even some more texture.

2.Add a new color with paint on the walls


Just changing the wall color in your bedroom will make it look new and refreshed. Choose a color and in about a day you can completely change the wall color of your room creating a whole new look.

3.Addnew curtains to your bedroom


You can buy new curtains to help add some color and texture to your room. If you are crafty you can even make your own. You can shop online or go in store, but ask the store if they have any coupons before you shop. Many online stores have coupons that they offer when you sign-up for their newsletter. It doesn't hurt to ask when you are trying to save some money. When you find the right new curtains for you, it will give your room a new fresh look you will enjoy.

4. Add scented candles


Scented candles will bring a nice scent and has a great look to add to your bedroom. Candles are always a great value in many stores and you can find a nice candle tray to sit them on in your bedroom on a table. It spruces up the room and gives a nice scent that also can relax you. Grouping them together and adding some other accents can easily refresh any space.

5. Add flowers


You can grow your own flowers and place them in your bedroom or purchase great artificial flowers that look practically real. Flowers always add life and are pretty to look at. You can also match up the look with bedding with flowers and open a window to bring in the light to make the view exciting and fresh.

6.Addthrow pillows


Buy inexpensive throw pillows and add them to your bed in your bedroom. You can get colorful ones to bring a boost of color to the room. We also love the ones with writing on them! The fun messages add texture and fun.

7.Add nice wall paper


Add nice wall paper to your bedroom. You can get wall paper from numerous stores relatively cheap. Look around on the internet for the right ones for you and let it bring some freshness to your bedroom. Find a great YouTube video on how to hang your own wallpaper because it can be costly to hire a pro.

8. Add paintings


Paintings always make a room look new. You can go online or to a thrift store for used ones and find nice paintingsat very low cost. You can even buy posters that are reproductions of actual paintings and frame them.

9. Add a mural


Add a mural to your bedroom. You can find many designs if you search the internet. This image is for a young boy's room. Find the right mural for you and let it refresh your bedroom.

10. Add a nice lamp


For little money you can add a nice lamp to your bedroom. You don't have to go out and buy something expensive to get a great look. Changing up the lighting can change the whole feel of a room.