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10 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

1. Make a paper Easter bunny


First draw or get a picture of a bunny to cut out the form with scissors. Add color with paint or use crayons. Add on some eyes and you're done.

2. Make a Easter crown


You can use color paper glue in the circular shape, show the ears and add the button for the nose and eyes and draw in the mouth.

3. Make a heart mask


Very easy. Just cut-out, add color if wanted and make those heart shapes

4. Make paper eggs


Add string to hang by cutting a hole to slide the string through. You can cut-out shapes in the egg or leave plane. Use colored paper.

5. Make a custom basket


The best baskets to have on Easter are the ones you make yourself. Get creative and your kids will love them.

6. Make a candy bottle


How cute is it to have bunny Easter candy with your design. Add the candy and make a funny face and top.

7. Make bunnies out of socks


Make your bunnies out of socks. Just add the ribbon bow around it's neck and eyes, nose and teeth. Make the ears stick out and that's it.

8.Make candy eggs


Make candy eggs. Use plastic eggs that open. Add them in an old egg carton and add your favorite candies.

9. Decorate eggs


Eggs are an essential to have on Easter and it is very easy. Add food color to the eggs and decorate to your liking.

10. Decorate eggs in pots


Decorate the eggs and pots, then add a hole at bottom of the egg and add the stick, place into pot.