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Align is a daily probiotic supplement containing Bifantis that aids in the development and maintenance of a healthy digestive system as well as the maintenance of natural digestive balance.

Meta, a new MultiHealth lifestyle line from the creators of Metamucil, offers a variety of fiber supplements and probiotics with a variety of health benefits.

Prilosec OTC tablets are used to treat chronic heartburn, which is described as heartburn that occurs twice or more per week. Prilosec OTC's label includes detailed guidelines for using it to treat chronic heartburn.

P&G Health Samples allows healthcare professionals to request free samples of Align, Metamucil, and Prilosec OTC in one visit. You'll be led to a page where you can pick the samples you'd like to receive after registering with your DEA # and creating a username and password. Order free Prilosec OTC samples to support patients who suffer from chronic heartburn. Order free samples of Align and Metamucil to help patients improve their digestive health.

There's a reason why doctors prescribe Prilosec OTC, Metamucil, and Align as the best brands. Order samples of each to learn more and assist the patients in discovering ways to maintain their wellbeing.

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